The weight of the invisible

Site-specific performance “The weight of the invisible” @ NOoSPHERE Arts
As part of Greenpoint Open Studios. 8 June, 520 Kingsland Avenue, Greenpoint, NY. Curated by Sol Kjøk.

I didn’t have an abortion today.
I might need one someday.

51 abortions per hour.
1233 a day.
450.000 abortions a year.
15 liters of blood are shed every hour in illegal abortions in Argentina.

Complications  arising  from  abortions practiced in unsafe conditions have been the leading individual cause of maternal mortality since 1980, and at least 3030 women have died from this cause since the return to democracy in 1983.
Official statistics estimate the number of clandestine abortions at 350,000 every year but women’s rights groups think that number may be much higher.
Women from lower economic classes are forced to put their lives and health at risk by resorting to clandestine abortion providers without access to proper sanitary conditions. The abortion pill (Misoprostol) costs around 4000 pesos argentinos.